Coronavirus and the Cancer Death Wave

SCAMDEMIC – Coronavirus and the Cancer Death Wave

It’s almost impossible to believe – but is unfortunately true – right now, today, there are millions of people walking around who carry a CANCER VIRUS which will be passed onto their children.

This Cancer Virus attacks the DNA of humans – and it was injected into a staggering 100 MILLION people decades ago when they were vaccinated…

Almost just as impossible to believe – the mainstream media have ganged-up on victims of poisoned vaccines and are actively CENSORING and DELETING video clips and posts from parents and victims who warn us that they contracted cancer, autism or brain damage from a vaccine…

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Many drugs made by many different drug companies have caused millions of side-effects and deaths… Many of the drugs have the same effect – they turn people into crazy zombies and make people want to KILL…And today, the entire human race is being held ransom by drug companies and the mainstream media…

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A grand SCAMDEMIC is being planned where billions of people will be forced to have the new CORONAVIRUS vaccine…

But some of the firms developing the Coronavirus vaccine have a chequered and horrific past – some drug companies actually helped to fund the Nazis, some actually made cocaine-like drugs for Hitler… Some drug corporations even engineered bubonic plague… And many of those wartime Nazi drug companies are still around today – and they are involved in developing the new mandatory COVID VACCINE…

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