Turkey mulls quitting NATO, its second largest member.

Time and again, the US uses allies for its imperial interests, then betrays them, Syrian Kurds perhaps the latest group to learn this lesson the hard way.

The White House announced that it will neither support or be involved in Turkey’s planned cross-border offensive against Syrian Kurdish fighters.

US forces in the country are being redeployed away from the Turkish border, leaving Ankara free to wage aggression on the Kurds uncontested by the Pentagon.

Betraying them is no surprise. Abandoning allies when no longer needed, wanted, or when other objectives take precedence is longstanding US practice.

Virtually nothing Trump says or does surprises. On Monday, he tweeted:

“If Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate” its economy.

Bilateral relations have been strained for years, notably since the 2016 aborted coup attempt to topple Erdogan, US dirty hands likely behind it.

Erdogan is at odds with Washington over its support for Kurdish fighters in northern Syria. He’s upset over being treated as both a NATO ally and Eurasian adversary by the US.

While playing the Russia and US cards simultaneously, he’s increasingly shifting his allegiance East, away from the West – another body blow to Washington’s imperial agenda.

His chief advisor Yalcin Topcu earlier said

“(i)t is time to reconsider our membership in NATO…an organization that shows its hostile attitude to its member in every way,” calling its behavior “brutal and dishonorable.”

Despite heavy US pressure and threats, Turkey bought Russian S-400 air defense systems. Erdogan said he’ll continue buying Iranian oil and gas, ignoring US sanctions

He’s furious over the Trump regime’s ban on selling F-35s to Ankara in response to his S-400 purchase. His Foreign Ministry denounced the move, saying it “shows (a) hostile (US) attitude to its (alliance) member in every way.”

Turkey’s military in NATO is second largest to US force strength. If Erdogan withdraws over strained relations with Washington, it’ll be a major blow to US regional and global aims, notably by pushing Turkey closer to Russia.

Trump Escalated Wars He Inherited

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