Solar minimums and maximums are easily predictable.

I have told them how to predict these Cycles.

It isn’t by feeding into the computer “61 predictions in the following categories: Climatology, Dynamo, Machine Learning/Neural Networks, Precursor Methods, Spectral/Statistical Methods, Surface Flux Transport, and Other”.

It is by tracking Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. See this paper from 2014, where I lay it all out for them in black and white.

I guess they think that looks like astrology, but it has nothing to do with astrology. It has to do with a magnetic feedback loop between the Sun and planets, one they already admit exists. Or, they know about the outgoing part of it anyway, since it is the same thing that creates the magnetospheres, aurorae, and many other known phenomena. What they don’t understand is that the planets return charge to the Sun on the same lines, creating a loop. This is what drives the Solar Cycles. When the planets are most nearly aligned relative to the Sun, we have a maximum; when they are least aligned, we have minimum.

That has nothing to do with the Zodiac or houses or aspects, but it does have to do with angles. Every electrical engineer knows that angles are important with the magnetic field. Everyone with a magnet on their refrigerator knows that, since if you destroy the proper angle the magnetism disappears. This isn’t wuwu, it is physics.

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