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4G/5G CellTower Installer Speaks His Mind!

4G/5G CellTower Installer Speaks His Mind! #Stop5G ⚠️ Original titile: "5G From the Guy installing it" … credits video: Ian Furgeson … Facebook.com/Vapeshoppatriot & YouTube.com/channel/UCWCyt61Rq5ANozFBQernSdQ/f … .Research Stop5G.net … Join: Fb.com/groups/Stop5G … Support: Fb.me/Stop5G 🦜🦋🌳.#5G = Cumulative Lethal = not only shortening your life-span (life-expectancy) drastically it robs you from having a healthy vital life. You will have many different symptoms that will increase incrementally to the point that living becomes unbearable (you still "live") but if you have chronic fatigue, pains, headaches, insomnia, brain fog etc. etc. you still officially "not dead" … then eventually when you die way too early it is too late for the majority to "make it right" again for you AND your loved ones!.Those who object to the introduction of #5G networks will soon be accused of conspiracy thinking. It does not address or even look at what 5G actually means. Apparently there is a blind faith that our government is responsibly dealing with this matter. Whether that trust is justified, is very much the question! To begin with, the Netherlands has the highest standard for electromagnetic radiation (EMS) in Europe. Radiation levels therefore quickly fall within the acceptable standard. This standard is established as follows: A bag of salt water was irradiated for six minutes by a transmitter. Then it was examined how hot the water was and concluded that it was safe. Only the thermal effect of radiation has determined the safety standard, biological effects have not been studied at all. Health risks therefore play no role for our government in determining acceptable radiation levels! Already 3500 people in the Netherlands know that their health problems are caused by EMS, but many people with health problems do not know this. Doctors are often not aware of the radiation caused by radiation and therefore do not recognize it as such. Animals, plants and trees, in particular bees, chestnuts, elms and tomatoes, also suffer from EMS. And then it is not even 5G, but the current 4G networks!.A second reason to mistrust our government in this matter is money. The current frequencies have been sold for 9 billion euros and a lot of profit and wage tax is levied annually by the telecom providers, who earn a lot of money. It is therefore very ordinary just a revenue model!.In research into the effects of 5G on animals, these health complaints were found: pain sensation and blisters in irradiated skin, reddening of the skin, corneal damage of the eye, damage to the membrane of leukocytes (leaking white blood cells), influencing nerve-muscle functions, disruption control overheated sweat glands, cell proliferation by DNA (cancer formation!), activation of stress proteins in cell damage, disruption of protein-receptor binding, bacterial resistance to antibiotics and changes in the DNA. That is not nothing! Presently there are tests going on with 5G transmitter masts, including in North Groningen. The animals there are going crazy!.How would we feel without radiation? This can hardly be determined. Even if you switch off your own Wi-Fi, you still suffer from the neighbors' Wi-Fi, a radio mast in the neighborhood, etc. Radiation is everywhere. Little by little, the frequencies are getting more and more increased, our limits are constantly being stretched, with all the health risks that entails. Should we want to?.2019-2020+ Mass Mandatory Unrolling #5G Erratic Pulsed Microwave Radiation Everywhere Is A Mass Assault on: Hippocratic Oath, Private Property & Privacy Rights, Oath to the US Constitution, 4th Amendment, Self-Determination Rights! … and violating 1 of them is already enough to get really upset let alone all 6 combined! … It is sooooo BLATANT ATTACK on all of us including all biological life like plants, trees, insects (especially bees) … the list of technocratic-horror seems endless! … and i did not even mention Government & Corporate (A.I.) Behavior Modification Programs (aka "Mind-control Projects").Remember – things that the government once tested and considered “safe” include such toxic horrors as thalilomide, amalgam fillings, smoking, asbestos, lead paint, fluoride, vaccines, and Agent Orange. Can we really trust these so-called government ‘health’ agencies?.Consider this: The $25 million dollar study was the Rammazini Study. The Rammazini Study is the one referred to in the ACS March 2018 press release announcing the link between cell phone radiation and gliomas (brain) and schwanoma (heart) cancerous tumors. But the NTP study is actually more significant because it was performed over a longer period of time. This is criminal, all out murder of unsuspecting citizens who believe they live in a free country whose leadership will protect their health & safety. National Toxicology Program has concluded that wireless radiation causes cancer. Natural health advocates say that 70 percent of non-industry studies assess wireless radiation as harmful; with industry studies, the effects are reversed – with only 32 percent showing that wireless radiation is harmful. But, either way, the dangers are clear and being ignored by our government due to corporate interests. .When it comes to downplaying the potential risks of wireless radiation, the telecom industry makes the tobacco industry look like rank amateurs. For years, respectable American and European scientists carried out research supported by the Tobacco Industry Research Council, at a time when there was little government sponsorship of science. Only when bodies of evidence accumulated, making the dangers of tobacco undeniable, were tobacco-funded studies brought to an end. The achievements of the tobacco industry in manipulating science led Judge Gladys Kessler to confirm a verdict of racketeering that included manipulating institutions such as the American Medical Association and National Cancer Institute — both of which at various times worked to build a safe cigarette..As GQ reported a decade ago, the telecommunications industry uses the same PR strategies, some of the same industry consultants and scientists to promote disinformation in defense of their addictive products. Further, in 2015 a Harvard expose tracked the revolving door between the FCC and the telecom industry and concluded that the FCC is a captured agency and that “Consumer safety, health, and privacy, along with consumer wallets, have all been overlooked, sacrificed, or raided due to unchecked industry influence.”.#JohnKuhlesFounder Stop5G Fb Group, Page & Stop5G.net 🦜🦋🌳

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