Amazon Australia blocks Angels & Devils – My Extraordinary Life.

Who might this be?

A cousin in Australia tried to buy the book on Amazon and was blocked saying there were ‘copyright issues in this area’.  We haven’t had any emails as yet notifying us of any copyright issues in Australia, and wonder what these may be.  Do we have a trigger happy lawyer on our hands?    Anyone down under know of a book with the same title?  This was all checked out.

‘Angels and Devils – My Extraordinary Life.’  

There is of course an ‘Angels and Devils’ and you can not surprisingly find more than one ‘My Extraordinary Life’.  Could the title be what they’re targeting?  Or something within the pages?  We’ll have to await a notification to be sure.

Why the limit to ‘in this area’ presumably meaning Australia?

Meanwhile the current version is available everywhere else in the world so far as we currently know, and unless we receive a proper challenge, it will not be withdrawn from Australia either.  The book covers two visits to Australia, one in the early life section, and the other in the business growth section.  My mother lived in Adelaide from 1940 aged eleven until she was twenty.  Her brother and sister stayed, while she returned to England.  The resulting family traumas of divorce and separation are a part of my story.

Mike’s done a great job as publisher, and has been there 100% for all the things that needed doing to get the book to completion.  We will go to print and get a hardback as well but need to know all about who wants the book stopped and why first!!

It’s been an emotional journey for me going back over things that happened a long time ago, but still are there lurking in my heart and mind.  There was no time to deal with the traumas that happened at the time, and writing the book has been a therapy pulling everything together and giving my own part of the events that took place.  The first third is family and background.  The second third is my business career.  The last third is what happened after my business career – academic writing, political activism, illness and travel to the Philippines.  Finally my own family and a description of the spiritual events I have witnessed.  It’s been a full-on life and the pace of the book reflects the frenetic pace at which I lived.  Only now has there been time to reflect and write it all down!  I hope you enjoy reading and benefit from my experiences and ideas.

UPDATE – It looks likely the copyright issue is the mention of ahem! pictured above in the description of my cricketing Grandfather’s life.  I have written to the You Know Who Foundation to request permission.  The problem is only on Amazon so could be either a complaint by the Foundation or just a computer logging possible copyright issues.  No email or communication has arrived to inform us, and so this is just my best guess.  It’s strange for Amazon to pull the book for the whole of Australia without informing the publisher.  Surely they should advise of a possible copyright issue which could be dealt with either by getting a permission for the copyright owner of the word You Know Who, or by removing the mention from the text as it is only an aside.  I trust you can recognise the person in the picture.  Think 1930s, Australian and the greatest batsman of all time.

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  1. Tapestry says:

    A reader in Sweden adds – Apart from being a great story told in a personal and linguistically excellent manner, the book is a great inspiration, both in terms of content and reflections but also making me want to write something of my own. Fred A (bought on Amazon)

    A copy was successfully sold here on the blog at the weekend in Australia. No problems experienced by the purchaser. Twenty or so copies have been sold in the first week on Kindle and here on the blog. Feedback looks positive so far, typically as above. Hardback is being prepared but will be a few weeks as it is laid out differently and pictures need a different approach taking which takes time. Hardback should be out in March sometime. Paperback is being prepared for Amazon to print and sell sooner. They print as they sell, so price will not be cheapest – maybe £12.95. But the paperback will be available wherever Amazon operate the paperback printing service, based on same format as the e-book. Hardback will be distributed in the UK and postage costs will therefore affect overseas cost.

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