Black Women & Gay Man Discuss Racist Homophobic Trump

That’s right! Diamond & Silk discuss Trump with a white homosexual man, oops, I mean a non binary person of no specific colour. They ponder the racist, the sexist, the missoginnitist, anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-everyone, hate filled, confused, chaotic, unstable, narrrrsisisistick, orange coloured white supremacist US President. What’s worse, he’s plays golf and is of Scottish gene stock. So, he’s sort of ginger. Yep, he is the pits of humanity…

Diamond and Silk “Chit Chat Live” | July 9, 2018 | Guest, Brandon Straka with #WalkAway Campaign


Plus The Wes Cook Band whose song Stand For The Flag was censored by FakeBook…


Fox & Friends…

The band:

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