Concentration camps for children in the US




1. Seeking asylum in the US is not a crime. It’s an administrative process. After the hearings, the US can always no to the application.

2. There’s absolutely no legal basis to take the children of asylum seekers from their parents.

3. People who cross the border illegally and are found not to have criminal records used to be returned to the border they crossed. Now they are being jailed for six months – at taxpayer expense – and having their children taken from them.

4. The revenues for these interments are going to the shareholders of PRIVATELY owned prisons.

5. Privately owned Prison companies like GEO and CoreCivic donated nearly $500,000 to support Trump’s election campaign and underwrite his inauguration.

6. The Trump administration has no procedure in place for reuniting children with the parents they have been taken from.

7. The government will not disclose where the children they have seized are being held. Nor will they allow Congressman or the news media to enter these facilities.

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  1. NPP says:

    Patrick Henningsen FakeBook…

    This whole “family separation” crisis scene is just like Parkland and the David Hogg effect – anyone who dare defies the PC narrative and points out the fact that the Left/Dems are using “the children” as a political battering ram – is summarily castigated as ‘insensitive’ and ‘against human rights’. Is this how debased our political/social discourse has become? Using children as PC shields? When you strip it right down, this is just another version of Babies in Incubators, Bana of Aleppo or Elian Gonzalez. Same exact tactic: using ‘poor children’ to accumulate political capital, amplified by media to press the agenda of that moment (soon to be forgotten), as they all line up to fill their buckets at the virtue signaling trough. Add in a dash of “Trump is the next Hitler!” and the circus act is complete. Forget ethnic cleansing in Gaza, forget genocide in Yemen. Alas, In the long run, shrieking ‘family separation!’ will be remembered as little more than a #hashtag and a chance to score short term political points for an increasingly desperate and rudderless ‘Le Resistance’… Les Miserables de la Gauche. I’m surprised they haven’t tied this one to ‘The Russians!’ yet…

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