Easter week brings increased anti-fracking activity.

‘No deliveries today, lads.  You’re lock-on is waste of time.’  That’s the line they always use when someone locks on.  The answer is always the same in reply – ‘That’s right.  There won’t be any deliveries today.’  This lock-on is at Tinker Lane just eight miles south of Misson Springs, both located in North Nottinghamshire..

This is a tough tough area to get people to turn up to, to as it’s tucked up in the very top of Nottinghamshire, a long way from Nottingham.  People nearby in Doncaster in Yorkshire, and Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire?, imagine it’s not their problem being in a different county.

On top of that sat navs can’t find the site using the postcode, probably a tactic to stop people finding the place.   Yet despite that, the activists keep coming, and the word is getting out that these drillpads are a threat to the region.  Even in Easter week, and despite the weather, the campaign to stop fracking in Britain is building.  The summer season promises to be massive.

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