Hey Oprah, Will You Support Corey Feldman?

What a refreshing riposte it was to hear the BBC report on Deneuve counter-balancing Oprah Winfrey and the social justice warrior bimbos at the Golden Globes dressed in black solidarity to protest sexual harassment.

Catherine Deneuve defends men’s ‘right’ to hit on women

Well Oprah, when you run for office, I trust you might take Corey Feldman with you:

… or Cathy O’Brien or even campaign for the release of Melanie Shaw:

Mel Shaw is still experiencing the most obscene treatment at the hands of Her Majesty’s Prison Service. To be clear:

She does not know why she is in prison
She does not know when she will be released
She is being denied basic human dignity – three warders with her at all times including the toilet and the shower
She is being denied toiletries and other basics
She is being denied access to education programmes

Her crime? To be a survivor of institutional child abuse, including having witnessed child murder, at the hands of individuals including senior politicians.

Melanie needs support, so if you are willing to write, her address is:
If you do write to Melanie, please make sure your full name and address are on the card or letter itself, as well as Melanie’s prisoner number, A4126DE.

Melanie desperately needs stamps and envelopes; probably best to put a stamp on each blank envelope you send, as stamps by themselves can easily be dropped, mislaid, or misappropriated. Melanie is also required to write her name and prison number on the inside of each envelope that she sends out, so you may wish to do this for her, as it is further identification that the stamped envelope is for her use alone.

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