Judging By The Corporate Media Reaction, Ted Heath Was Guilty

Indeed, the corporate media round on Inspector Mike Veale and push the whole Ted Heath report into the long grass. Nothing to see here. Welcome to the €U (NPP: of Co2 climate change gender fluid Trump hate… ) and bye bye British Armed Forces.
UK Column News – 6th October 2017
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today’s news update from the UK Column.

Harriet Baldwin in Poland…. why?
UK sign Le Bourget Momentum at the Paris Air Show
Deeper €U military unification.

F-35 Lightning fighter aircraft one step closer as RAF Marham runway intersection resurfacing completed
despite the technological deficiencies.
NavyLookout‏ @NavyLookout
Shocking news. Daily Mail says Ocean survey ship HMS Scott to be sold (Presumably without replacement?)
Barmy Army fire sale: Anger as military hardware including ships, helicopters and aircraft carriers is dumped at knockdown prices
The decommissioning of HMS Ocean without replacement: Strategically nonsensical?

Tory chaos keeps the Brexit without the exit on course.

British productivity continues to tank.
Russia fear continues:
Russia Breaks into US Soldiers’ iPhones in Apparent Hybrid Warfare Attacks
NATO meet to discuss paranoia about ZAPAD

Brian remembers her…
High Court: Retirement of The Honourable Mrs Justice Pauffley
Incredible smear of Mike Veale…
Edward Heath inquiry: Former DPP says Heath claims must be tested by judge

Daily Mail BIMBO Rosie Waterhouse
Another BIMBO Tom Payne

It just goes on…
Up to 50 witnesses could be called for Cardinal George Pell’s committal hearing

Come Home (Cardinal Pell) – Tim Minchin

Onto Catalonia…
Nicola Nippy Sturgeon says 2 million Catalan votes for independence cannot be ignored

Back to Scotland…
Teachers and data-sharing officials turn up the heat on Named Persons
The hilarity and confusion goes on.

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