Sweet Home Alabama With Another Grassroots Win

“Now Watergate does not bother me – does your conscious bother you? Now tell me true!”
Montgomery, Alabama, grassroots $3miliion candidate Judge Roy Moore beat the establishment $30million candidate Luther Strange in the Republican run-off with funny names. Note the flag on this video:

Below commentary on the Republican run-off and the tax reform bill.

Size Matters: The 9-Point Alabama Win Is What Forced Corker out, Others May Follow

Trump publicly backed Strange. Bill Mitchell explains Trump publicly went for leverage with Mitch McConnell & co while he will be delighted with the Moore victory. Trump wanted tax reform and it seems he’s got it. Mitchell explains this is a major turning point; it is another Brexit, Corbyn, Trump moment…
YourVoice™ America (9/27) “Moore Wins + Tax Reform!”

… for me, what a pity Corbyn’s a bloody socialist, but he is currently not establishment friendly. The common thread here is people who do not wish to continue the neo-Con Blair-Cameron-€U-NATO foreign invasion policy are winning. Trump continues to juggle the balls and manage the art of his long term goals and deals. I propose Trump’s Korea rhetoric and the Korean issue is theatre.


UKIP Nigel Farage Speaking At The Judge Roy Moore’s Alabama Rally

Steve Bannon DESTROYS The Media At Roy Moore’s Rally in Alabama

Judge Roy Moore Gives An HIGH ENERGY Speech at Alabama Rally

Trump Unveils Tax Plan: It’s Mostly Good

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