Filipino Scout Rangers keep up morale by singing while countering ISIS snipers in Marawi

The Scout Ranger song is playing when it was an occasion of scout rangers. But in marawi now, it’s still the high morale of Fighting Scout Rangers.

According to captain ” windy,” the hero of light reaction company nakapatay of the abu sayyaf in Bohol: ” awake, to combat the lynx if tumugtog. No matter whatever branch of service — Army, PNP, Philippine Marines or air force — Just scout ranger song, they sinasabayan songs. The Sniper I was looking for a position of your charisma is that loudspeaker to it was a whole marawi even the opponent. When Tumugtog The Scout Ranger song, no firearm that opponent.”… laughing at danger, we fight like a panther and conquer the hardship always! Puffing Rangers!

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