David Icke is part of the 9/11 cover-up.

Talking with Andrew Johnson who met David Icke and spoke to him for over two hours a few years ago, they find David a sympathetic character, and respect the large body of work he has put out over 25 years.

Icke exposed the Oklahoma City Bomb and demonstrated the official story was impossible, putting him on the radar of American Intelligence.  There were toasted cars as at 9/11, and the building collapsed in a similar way.  Some kind of new weapon.

WW2 being orchestrated by a higher cabal.  Warning everyone of a world government in 1992.

Totalitarian tiptoe.  Freemasons.  Trilateral Commission.  Bilderberg. He warned about Blair pre-1997, the fraudulent money system, and many other things to come.  Mind control.  MK Ultra.  Kathy O’Brian.  Mass shooting incidents official stories were impossible.

Alien life?  Animal mutilations?  Bloodlines.  Are aliens in charge?  It’s possible that an alien race manipulated the bloodlines.  He was writing pre-1997.

The people at the very top are possibly ETs, or are knowingly interacting with ETs in demonic rituals.  No mention of reptilians at that stage.

On a mainstream TV show This Week, he brings in shapeshifting lizards, in the Royal Family while being interviewed about 9/11.  He was allowed to mention his world tour by Andrew Neil.  This is when he started talking about Reptilians.  1998.

He claims in 1998 video to have met a contact from the CIA who informed him about things like advanced technologies.  ET life.  Anunaki.  Reptilian race interbred with humanity.  He says they are the same as the Anunaki.  Lloyd Pye did not say the Anunaki were reptilian, and they interbred with humans.  Shapeshifting comes into Icke’s work at this point.  A lot of information is sourced by a person known as Arizona Wilder.  It seems like he wove in the reptilian theme into the book he had already written.

Ivan T. Fraser was proof reading for Icke.  They fell out about the work, saying the Arizona Wilder stuff wasn’t worthwhile as her story was flimsy.  Fraser thinks she was sent to fool david Icke into putting a lot of stuff into his book The Biggest Secret. He also wasn’t happy with Credo Mutwa’s input, who also fed Icke with reptiliian theories.  See Icke’s interview with Arizona Wilder on youtube.

Why does he call her ‘Mother Goddess’? Was he being duped?  Stating that members of the Royal Family drinking blood and shapeshifting.  She was introduced by Desborough to Icke, who fed Icke various pieces of disinformation.  Her real name was not Arizona Wilder.  She later tried to distance herself from remarks she made in the interview.

Credo Mutwa is hypnotic, a Zulu shaman.  Alien races that came to earth and bred with humanity.  Mutwa details suggest he was favoured with mainstream exposure on TV.

Icke was asking Mutwa closed questions according to Fraser, and leading questions, to which Mutwa just says Yes.

Was Credo Mutwa an alien abductee as he alleges?  Fraser suggests Mutwa was victim of mind control.  Fraser? says CIA sent actors to David Icke’s talks to convince him of the reprtilian stories.  In 1997 Icke’s work was bang on.  But it got corrupted with the alien shapeshifting theme after that.

Bill Ryan of Camelot also interviewed Credo Mutwa.  Michael Tellinger interviewed Mutwa.  Mutwa swore accusing Tellinger of getting it wrong. Dubious witness?

Icke ignored Dr Judy Wood’s ‘Where did the towers go?’ even though Andrew Johnson met him and discussed the book, Icke apparently convinced by it, and then Icke was selling the book.  Why did Icke later drop the book and go for controlled demolition theory, instead of the dustification pointed out by Dr Judy Wood.  He refuses to mention her book, and is assisting the media to muddy the waters as to what happened on 9/11.




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3 Responses to “David Icke is part of the 9/11 cover-up.”

  1. frankstien says:

    Agreed, Icke is not passing my litmus test: Dr. Wood’s book. She has compiled the best evidence of what really happened to the Twin Towers on 9/11 and anyone who either doesn’t know about her work or is in against her work in the so called 9/11 Truth Movement is suspect. If you study espionage you can see how they use different types of agents to confuse and distract the public away from those who uncover what the secret rulers don’t want revealed. Alex Jones is another who doesn’t pass the litmus test.

    Icke may be similar to the late attorney Mark Lane who posed as a serious JFK researcher, but who worked for the same people to killed Kennedy and who’s job it was to make sure the other researchers stayed focused on theories and not finding those behind the assassination. Mae Brussell found the guilty parties and exposed Lane for the agent he was.

  2. Belyi says:

    And how do we know whether this article (video not available so little point in posting it) is disinformation? I’ve followed David since 1990 and saw him speak in 1995. Many of the things people laughed at as absurd have come to pass and it is evident that whistleblowers who daren’t ‘come out’ in public contact people like David (and several others) to get their information in the public domain.

    David puts out what his research has shown but there’s nothing stopping other people doing their own.

    Many other people are coming to similar conclusions about satanism and survivors have spoken out about it, so shape-shifting and blood drinking are not so far out at all.

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