A real NSA whistleblower

The other interviewee is still holding onto the theory that the 9/11 towers fell down due to explosives.  No mention of Dr Wood’s dustification, which is heavily suppressed on all channels since it was published over ten years ago.

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  1. NPP says:

    Judy Woods will not consider thermite allegedly found at ground zero.
    Richard Gage will not entertain Judy Woods.
    Rebekah Roth entertains the possibility of both, but Gage will not entertain Roth…. and so it goes and so it goes.

    You would think any sensible, common sense approach would initiate a re,reinvestigation into 9/11 whether thermite, wave energy weaponry or however or whatever was involved.

    Thing is, that would undermine an entire sales pitch by the US-UK established order. Keep on keepin’ on people!

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