You’ve just committed fake news!

"You have just committed fake news" – Sebastian Gorka

"You have just committed fake news." Watch this heated exchange between Donald J. Trump's deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka and Evan Davis

Người đăng: BBC Newsnight vào 17 tháng 2 2017

Great interview with The White House refusing to be bullied by the BBC

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One Response to “You’ve just committed fake news!”

  1. NPP says:

    Evan Davis. Presstitute.
    Sebastian Gorka handles him well.
    Gorka had exactly the same kind of attitutde from Stephen Nolan last night on BBC 5 Live.
    The BBC do not necessarily say it bluntly, but they do infer anti-Semitism etc…
    Retired Labourer Patrick Tells BBC: “You’re The Most Dishonest Bunch!”

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