Chessboard Earth | Part #1 | Ignorance is no excuse

What are the Geopolitical implications for America’s and Europe’s real future?

One World of Nations
Chessboard Earth Series
8 September 2016


  • A four part series will spell it all out for you
  • Why and how events are occurring now
  • The Real Grand Plan and why

The Poison Chalice of the Jews as Bankers to the mass murderous Jesuits, but who really runs the Zoo? To change our world means educating you.

To take an objective view of this new century, we need to look at the failings of the present system, and why. How is each nation affected, and worse, do they even know? How deeply penetrated is your nation, and how do we clean it up?

Does anyone even start to realise how badly compromised the Global Political / Banking Arena is?

Or where it’s going in future reality? Yesterday’s men will not be tomorrow Leaders.


America’s feeble attempts at Global leadership is ever impaired by its total CIA and Blackwater Contractor Terrorist funding income via Drug trafficking from Afghanistan and arms sales to nations they destabilise. Such a brutal, deceitful and ruthless regime. Banking corruption is endemic. Nations and societies sacrificed for profit. Life itself has become illusory.

All Empires always end, but America is only suffering the same penetration and decline as Europe and Asia, as the Web of the Cabal is a Global try to take all NWO operation. Jesuit tentacles and abuse are visible everywhere. But sadly more so and deeper in America, which under Zionist media control, has sold out and lost the protection of a vibrant and patriotic domestic media as the caring voice of its people. All pre-planned to achieve the agenda playing out for two centuries.

The worst enemy of mankind, Democracy and civilisation, hides among us in plain sight.

ce_part1_5But with a murderous New World Order agenda designed for a single Patriarchal rule of old Global power. This will be five centuries of their duplicitous, continuous plotting and structuring the long game. Global One World Government domination of all has been their goal. One world religion. One all authoritarian power. Theirs, enslaving you forever!

Jesuit appointees are visible as key Political Cohort rulers of the European Union. The Pentagon is also deeply compromised with their agent Knights of Malta provocateurs and Jesuit colleges which has orchestrated their power base for a century. Along also with all Agencies and Political Leaders.

As is NATO, which sits as a bloated behemoth, each entity of which is strategically cross riddled with Jesuit Scholars and Knights of Malta Masonic gatekeepers. Each carefully interlinked with the Jewish / Zionist Bankers controlling the money pots. The Illuminati Cabal’s mask is slipping. Exposure can only lead to closure if the world unites to cross expose and rid us of this virulent, vermin force. What the Vatican Illuminati do not understand, is how comprehensively the Kazakh Jesuit controlled Rothschild’s, Israeli’s and others are playing them. Each presumes control, while Zionists are constantly skimming from the pot. The Kazakhs in turn, behind the Knights of Malta’s Masonic umbrella, have been able to coerce the support of the US Military, behind Cabal Agency Mongrels like the Bushes, to wage war for profit, with American cannon fodder soldiers doing the dying, while they do the conspiratorial lying, as each side accumulates more material contracts and ever enhanced Empires. The devious Cabal skims the assets and life blood of regime changed nations like an assimilating Borg conquest. What a complex web they weave. Each to fool and then deceive. Geopolitical events today are their domain of influence.

A society of the truly greatest evil mankind has ever faced, fronting for the families of the Farnese, Orsini, Aldobrandini, Somaglia, and Breakspears. These bloodlines are the control centre of all.


Their war room command centre is the nuclear missile protected Borgo Santo Spirito, as they know they risk this sector of Rome, when fully exposed, being nuked. James E. Grummer, residing in Rome who controls the United States Corporation and is controller of Obama via Thomas H. Smolich.

A Global Conglomerate like no other exists, controlling and manipulating all.

The Black Pope rules over all Maritime Law (Business). He controls the Banking system, Freemasonry, and the Secret Services (CIA, FBI, NSA, SIS, MI6, Scotland Yard Police Centre, Mossad, CSIS, DGSE and FSB).

The Jesuits have infiltrated all Governments and Leaders. They control the Illuminati, Zionists, the Global Elites (allowed to play subservient under Vatican patronage), the Council of Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Council of 300 and more. This is the group world Leaders, from the US Presidency down, fear most. They know, any dissent and the Jesuits will orchestrate their demise or assassination as they have so many others.

The real world is so highly complex. We have a Western world public not concerned to think, just serve their own childlike and shallow self-interests.

Sheeple. All confused as they are overrun with socially backward Cult mentality migrant Muslim hoards, millions, all victims of failed US regime change policies while a ridiculous Kenyan Usurper plays Nero fantasies ensconced in the White House watching a confused electoral battle between two opponents. Each too terrible a choice to even contemplate as suitable to lead America, and one Clinton, so deeply criminal as to merit a lifetime of jail penalties. Yet this so badly betrayed nation of trusting people, is neutered as it spins out of control towards its own end game of demise, not realising it has been skilfully set up from within to self-destruct. All marching as clockwork soldiers towards an abyss so carefully conceived by the Vatican Ringmasters.

Trump, a Jesuit scholar, Sanders, Jesuit trained, Clinton married to a deeply compromised Jesuit, ex-President Johnson – Jesuit. Bush, Skull and Bones Vatican controlled, was bought and paid for, directed by the Vatican Jesuits. While the Zionists play at self-enrichment with their Fed / Treasury Jewish scam, none have factored on the sheer scale of operation playing out as Black Pope policies. All centuries in the making, but even they failed to factor in the new Wild Cards emerging of both Eurasia and a resurgent nationalism.

With the emergent new Internet, and speed of Global communications, an ever more interested worldwide public like you, are becoming alert to their devious and perverse presence, and are tracking their moves. Each, once identified, need exposing to a Global audience showing the chicanery and exploitation of this duplicitous, criminal Global relationship.

Shutting up Assange did not stop WikiLeaks, but gave it worldwide credibility status to expose ever more of the so corrupt Elites shabby secrets. As the psychotic lunatic Clinton now finds to her cost. Major Global awareness now builds on the Rothschild’s and Zionists manipulation and extortion practices. Nations are aware and awake. The educated and thinking Sheeple will not be corralled as the UK has just proved, where the people rebelled and political empires collapsed. Democracy at work!

NSA, who spy on everyone with no lawful authority, are now whining at having been violated themselves by pernicious hackers. As Russia and China sit, bemused, choosing when to release damning evidence of US Hegemony, Fraud, corruption, arms trafficking and bribery etc. America is ever more under attack. Technology is turned against them. As are so many victim nations of US Hegemony.

But look still further behind, because a far more cynical agenda is in play. From 21 upwards.

Washington, akin to the old fallen Rome, has also founded and gorged its Empire on the proceeds of conquest, Hegemony and Tribute. Endemic corruption and in the arrogance of presuming its over-lording the Third World would continue unchallenged; it has failed to contemplate the realities of an Empire. All Empires end, and all badly. Will we ever learn from history?

NATO sits as a bloated behemoth cajoling and coercing Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to prepare and unleash an attack on Donbass or Crimea. All the while with NATO High Command desk jockeys seeking the illusory valour of conflict, and the boozy dreams of their fat assed expense account Generals and Admirals, whose lucrative expense accounts and wine largesse funded by the lax system, actually has these armchair Posers fantasising the conflict of war as victors, but with no hardened Battle Troops accustomed to conflict and possessing the patriotism to fight, and die, for their motherland, as with Russia.

As Russia deploys more of the S-400 Missile systems to Crimea, it is also rolling out their S-500s across Russia, creating a No Fly Zone for planes or missiles. In addition, Russia now has very sophisticated radar deflecting technology, well able to mask out both equipment and troop movements, so ensuring a major tactical shock for transgressors where the ferocity of Russian attack will show no mercy, as with the violent and punitive end days of WW II.


Russia has systematically wiped out American armed and US Blackwater controlled, Afghanistan, US CIA Drugs funded, ISIS terrorists in Aleppo. The same troops, once the clean-up has finished, can be flown back to deal with the US puppet regimes on Russia’s borders, and also destroy NATO if required. A simple 48-hour Rodent extermination exercise is all that will take. Albeit all NATO bases and ships will be totaled out in a synchronised 5 minutes. Bereft of sense and its front-line body bag States, what then as Washington and the Pentagon, plus Agency, is rocked back, its EU Theatre in ruins? As will be the case. Annihilation.

When the US economy collapses, this truly vile, pernicious US Blackwater Contractor and CIA regime, will have only its Drug running money and arms sales income left to protect it. American military is, in effect, a Global Crime Syndicate. Sad, ugly and FACT! The poor American people have no idea, and are brainwashed to believe they serve a patriotic cause. Not a vicious, treacherous Drug running and Arms selling despot regime. How many Americans even contemplate they are no more than a Vassal State of Rome?

Putin and China know that Drug money is funding the terrorism threatening the world, nations borders and trade income. Each know the vast US Military Industrial Cabal is cynically destroying its own population, funding its own Drugs and Criminal Contractor Empire.

China and Russia now, each working more closely with Turkey, can help cut off US Drug routes and Terrorism income. Addicting people, destroying so many lives, encouraging drug related crimes and human self-destruction, only to fund the CIA, Arms Sales and Blackwater mercenaries mass killing people, is no nation any thinking population wants to associate with. Hang the label where it belongs, and hoist these Pariahs in full public view. Enemies of all mankind. Enemies of Democracy. Enemies of all good family values. It is NOT the nations of people, but the Rot within. We support the American people, just NOT the Jesuit’s Cabal, or Jesuit / Zionist malpractice. We need to unite all the good people as the wise Founders once wished.

Once the childlike mirage of NATO as a credible deterrent is gone, the EU will crumble if left to France with its permanent White Flags, political corruption and sex scandals. Italy with its battalions of nine reverse gear tanks, and corruption. Spain needing to take five hour time-outs daily for Siestas, and Germany over run with incoming Islamists each day while Frau Merkel is on a time clock to be wiped out of office with the incoming elections, as the German Right Wing rebels plan also to take their nation back from her Socialist nightmare. If she loses power, the EU may swing Right Wing again to deal with the Migrant hoards. Including mass deportation. Turkey will find Germany deporting a million back and sealing borders.


Antisemitism and Islamophobia grows across Europe with increasing, unprovoked attacks on both Jews and Muslims. Poor innocent Jews suffered this from 1936 onward and its starting again. Many are good Society aiding members of nations and deserve none of this. Unlike the Kazakhs and their Global maleficence.

Watch the film Schindler’s list, and Jews in America who escaped any of this in Europe need to see what will become of them if the Fourth Reich and Jesuits win. As the Jesuits processed the Jews for the Slave and Extermination camps under Hitler, so it will be again under NWO in America. Be in no doubt of the Jesuit Fourth Reich agenda.

That said, their indoctrinated and naïve, so wrong belief of being the Master Race, projected from the schizophrenic delusional Abraham, has spun off two similarly, seriously dysfunctional religious Cults between Judaism and Islam, with blood cult sacrifices, and attitude problems which have created schisms in tolerance between nations, and risks leading to serious potential consequences for each if skilfully played off to hostile nations seeking a scapegoat during economic chaos. As always, will they ever learn? It potentially can get much worse.


Be in no doubt, the Jesuits will never, ever tolerate a role for Judaism and, as they assisted Hitler’s SS so callous round up of Jews for the then final solution, their Fourth Reich New World Order Program conceived in the Vatican Black Popes hierarchy, will be used with a vengeance when opportune. Judaism has everything to fear from Jesuit Zealots. Their total annihilation for a start. The Third Reich had the will, but not the Technology to process the numbers to remove the Jews. The Fourth Reich has. No question it has the will, the Jesuits are the mortal enemies of the Jews.

The perfect Jesuit / Zionist paradigm is not working out, as the hands of the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s are exposed and now blamed for ever more, with arrest warrants issued in Switzerland, and a one way only visit to Lubyanka Square with its execution chambers in Moscow waiting for George Soros if collected in European Air space. Russia has other ways to sanitise Soros if required. He walks a dangerous line. But ask who also controls this piece of Soros filth? The true Ringmasters.

Nations ever more grow aware of the Rothschild’s, so much for their anonymity. Thanks to the power of the free press internet, tens of millions now know. As the French Revolution cauterised out the Aristocracy, a collapse of the EU will have real consequences. Hysterical, Dispossessed Mobs are ugly. As is the growing anti-Islamic mood right now.

A European Union of Basket Cases is in free fall. So much for the Vatican Jesuit and CIA grand strategy of unifying this rag back of collective misfits into a singular, cogent, NWO occupied Slave Colony.

America’s own demise was itself activated with the arrogance and criminality of the emergent Military Industrial Cabal and development of its CFR and Tri Laterals policy making units plotting Global domination under the sublime arrogance of the likes of Brzezinski and the extensive network of Jesuit foot soldiers in place to cross entangle the web of sycophantic followers, working as Cabal gatekeepers under the watchful eyes of Bush and the CIA mind control of America. Equally compromised in tandem with the FIAT monetary system with its blind assumption it could print endless, feckless paper issuance, based on a Federal Reserve bogus asset base of zero. Albeit, whilst Jewish Zionist Federal Reserve / US Treasury Controllers, concentrating as always like Locusts to acquiesce and asset strip the host nation, as its deviant plans from the Jekyll Island agreement to date, they consolidate their Coup to sequestrate every vestige of asset not bolted down, and by slight of deviant law or collusion, to have infiltrated its host as a multi-viral tapeworm now bloodsucking ever functioning organ, until what the host is then to become no more? The historical morality of the Genghis Khan Mongol Plains Marauders interlinks the Kazakhs who have falsely assimilated as Jews. Know your real enemy.

From the scurrilous plot of the Jekyll Island coup against the American people, the Jewish / Zionist Bankers have monetarily controlled the nation, as they have ruthlessly practised over centuries of worldwide exploitation. Nations have fallen, vast millions murdered, wars unleashed, mass genocide all for Cabal and Zionist Profit. But who controls them? Be sure, behind is an even more dangerous enemy of mankind.

As Goyims of relevance, your own personal place on the Gamers play board, is a destiny of expendable pawns only, unless you are capable of making the efforts to understand and change the game. The price is only your very survival, or Agenda 21, predetermined for most of you.

Face it, this public array of Washington political mediocrities is incapable of conceiving of such Global strategies, and such interlinked Fiscal and resource control structures as will be necessary to control the game board, and you. So who is behind it all, the real faceless men?

The Jewish control of the money supply, cross compromised with the ruthless predatory greed and criminality of the Zionists set America on a course of self- delusional destruction. Once foreseen and forewarned by incumbent Presidents more than a century and a half ago. A nation without history or families of culture, is one poorly able to create balanced, just calls for social or economic change and justice. But are they the end game? Or just predatory lice, unleashed by a far greater and more vehement force behind? To blame just the Jew, is the ignorance of you. Because hidden behind, right in front of you, is a force far more ruthless and fixated than the mind conditioned, life programmed Jew.

One whose military control worldwide and utter despotic ruthlessness dictates the true policy agendas towards New World Order, the micro chipping and enslavement of all of you. And then, they will also be done with the Jew. Also, if not reined in by emergent Eurasia, with many of you.

An old French proverb states that when two Jesuits meet, the Devil is always there to make it a threesome.

So, what is the true history of this mercurial world order founded by the debauched ex-Soldier, fanatical Spanish Basque Romanist, Ignatius and others in 1534?

Each section exposes more, the real history, the future, and what can still go so wrong even for the most devious Ringmasters. Ignorance is no excuse.


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Republished in full on The Event Chronicle with permission from One Wold of Nations.

Source: One World of Nations

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