(2013) True Earth History & Pleiadian Message

Published on Aug 15, 2013

(2013) True Earth History & Pleiadian Message

For my entire life i had a feeling that “something” is wrong and that “something big” is about to happen.I never knew what.And there was always a strong interest in “paranormal”.Until this day whatever i tried to do(every job,every hoby etc)it kept my attention for only some time and then it dissapears,but strong interest in “paranormal” still exists to this day.It took me a lot of time to realize that i dont see things as majority of the people do.Took me along time to accept that too.When i watched this i felt something,something strong.Some of u may call it placebo effect or whatever but(just to be sure) i asked couple of my friends to watch this video and to tell me if they felt the same.They didn’t.Im alone. And as far as i know im alone in my town also.I know something rly sinister is going on infront of our eyes and its only gonna get bigger.It makes me angry cause i im not even on the 5% of the way to the truth but even the things i know is enough for me to make me FUCKING ANGRY!!! It makes me wanna gather all of u who believe in this and we should DO SOMETHING OR AT LEAST START TRYING!!!!
+nemanja peric You are not alone friend. I have watched this video many times and repeat the words often. I feel like you. So much untruth has been given to us and there is so much negative energy I have to force myself sometimes to just believe in myself. Believe in my own power. Love and not hate. sometimes thats hard. I am glad to see ypou wrote this. You are not alone. WE are many!!!!
this made me tear up a bit…I’m 26 and all my friends tell me that i am not like them, that i’m a little too weird coz i dont indulge in stuff that they do..I dearly hope that all the stuff in this video is not a a bunch of bs because what i see here makes a whole lot more sense to me than what is being preached to me by the media, the church and even my parents..all i want to say to the people who are like me is that we as humans instinctively know what,s right and what,s wrong and so we don’t need others to tell us what we must be like, always trust your inner self and never try to change who you really are..I hope we all make it..Best Of Luck to you guys…
+Stan styner I am just waking up for the last two years. You are not alone!
+Stan styner You are not alone… People talk trash because they don’t understand us “awaken ones”. It’s an unspoken feeling and it’s beautiful.

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