Presidential candidate the media is doing its best to hide – Bernie Sanders

Establishment news is trying to paint Bernie Sanders’ bid for presidency as a long-shot and full of the ramblings of a crazy old Socialist. But the truth is, he is outweighing all the competition from the Republican and Democratic side, save for, of course, Hillary Clinton.

Why are they giving so much credit to the 3-4% favored Republican candidates, yet they still keep repeating that Bernie can’t win?  He’s hitting 40% in Democratic Party straw polls, such as Wisconsin.

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  1. Lynn says:

    The threat that this would cause worldwide is too big. The money changers have the whole game rigged to uphold their heinous rule and grip. The POTUS is only a front man and if they can fool the serfs all of this time they wont stop now. The bloodline is in place and has been for millenia.

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