Newton was wrong, there is not mutual attraction between heavenly bodies, in fact there is only mutual repulsion as proved by WC Wright in over 100 models he constructed proving his ideas about the repulsion effects of so-called Gravity.

The quacks of modern ass-tronomy actually believe that the Sun pulls on all heavenly bodies with a different force according to their mass. This myth has been utterly laid waste by the data collected and analyzed by Pari Sploter. There is no need to add mass into Kepler’s third equation. The so-called force of gravity is modeled by the equation where the force is equal to the acceleration times the area and mass was added to the equation by Newton without any justification at all. This has led to the delusional astronomy taught in schools and media.

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Read the descriptions below each vid for a detailed explanation of so-called Gravity as translated into Russellian Science.








For this indisputable proof see Pari’s Book:


So-called Gravity is points and shafts of still magnetic light which control the spiraling electric rings which give heavenly bodies their forms. Gravity is not a force and does not exist. This understanding must be used to amend the great works that Pari Spolter has done in her book “The Gravitational Force of the Sun”.


The Motions of the Planets in our Solar System as taught In academia are around the Sun, instead of helical Trajectories following behind the Sun, which produce elongated circles not ellipses as believed by Kepler and every one since his time.
These vid debunks the false theory of a helio-centric, pancake like solar system:




Pari Spolter is absolutely correct in her assertion about the Manhattan Project and how easy it would be to produce Free Energy Technologies if the money was used to fund its research instead of all the tax payer money being wasted, billions upon billions of dollars, to support the corporate owned “slave psyence” of Einstein, which benefits the leaders of his tribe with astronomical profits and control over the Goy who they have enslaved for their control of the world.

Actually at the time of the MP the workers at Oak Ridge created Thorium Reactors which are safe and can end the world energy crisis immediately. There is 3200 metric Tons of pure Thorium Nitrate buried in the Nevada Desert, which we tax payers have already paid for a long time ago. That is enough to power the entire Planet for the next 50 years. It is clean and non-polluting and highly efficient. It could not be weaponized so Uranium Reactors became the war monger and energy barons, favorite choice. They demonized Radiation in their scare campaigns, so people would not even bother to look at Thorium.



Thorium is extremely abundant and a waste product from Industry, there will never be a shortage of it and the reactors cannot explode like Uranium reactors. The energy crisis is MYTH. The problem was solved in the late 1940′s and te solution hidden from the working slaves of planet Earth since that time.



Quackademic psyence is nothing more than mind control for corporate profits. It must be thoroughly expunged from Planet Earth and resigned to the gutter of false thinking, dredge up by the control freaks who run this planet. In the future they will laugh and mock the psyentists of the past few hundred years for their child like theories and insane mythematics. It is all so clearly a racket and so few people can see it, but it will come to pass, because the truth cannot be suppressed forever.

The Suppression of Free Energy Technologies is the biggest conspiracy of all time because it has enslaved an entire planet for well over 100 years now as I have proved in great detail, in my free online book “Free Energy and Free Thinking” which I wrote in February of 2002.

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Free Energy and Free Thinking


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  1. Nick UK says:

    Amazing informative invaluable knowledge. I spent my childhood being conditioned and filled with knowledge that just did not make any sense, By that I mean it just did not seem right to me, Often drifting into a daydream/ comatose state.
    Since then I have spent the rest of my life trying to break that conditioning and unlearning all that crap. Hear I am today over 50 years old, Having looked into the great Schauberger and Tesla and the Maharishi and other Nature lovers knowledge. Finally exposed to another great gem, Walter Russell. Thank you. Thank you from the heart.

  2. salty says:

    Gravitational Waves Hoax? LIGO Fake Blind Injection Discovery (4min vid)

    Posted on February 12, 2016.


    We were told, many years ago, that it was gravity that held us to the earth. Personally, if the discovery is true or false, it won’t affect our immediate lives. (r.a. note)

    Vid by Russ Brown Posted by r.a. Fri., Feb.12, 2016

    LIGO Detects Gravitational Waves using blind injection simulation which means it is basically a hoax or false flag.

    It is a shame that research grants, not just egos, are at stake with big announcements.

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