Men of politics bow down to the wealth and power of the churches

notice the dragon scepter complete with reptilian tongues
as well as the identical symbols on the mitres of the patriarchs
expendable presidents/potentates who stand in front of the curtain both east and west openly kiss/bow to the dragon illuminati higher ups
funny how politicians/governments/nation states come and go as the chessboard is rearranged…..but the guys in the fancy robes with the symbols and kissable rings always remain
subservient secular men are given the task of administering the medicine/pain to the sheeple and dutifully take the heat

while the secret rulers hide in plain sight while posing piously above the fray
great schtick they have pawning themselves off as kind and charitable benefactors of the poor
while residing in their unrivaled ornate palaces with unlimited/secret financial resources at their disposal
and the collected/purloined wisdom of the ages of all the civilizations they ruined are catalogued in their private library

TAP – Sorry I cocked up the pictures this morning in earlier version of this post from Kevin.  Jet lag.
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  1. Anonymous says:


    ARE YOU AWAKE? share


  2. Anonymous says:

    who is that guy with the beard?

  3. Anonymous says:

    anyone have a clue as to who is the man with the beard ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    man with beard?

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