Why is George Osborne feeding the Scottish Yes campaign?

Any intervention from London by a Conservative Chancellor would help Yes. That’s why he made the intervention. 

Cameron and Osborne are in favour of separation and can feed the Yes campaign as required. 

The longterm aim of the cabal is to break up Britain so we can be more easily consumed in smaller chunks.

Independence is a great aspiration for anyone, but Scotland should first get Britain out of the EU, then go for independence from England second.  We are all lost inside the EU.  By splitting ourselves up, we merely assist their cause.   Whereas if we stand together, we might spring the trap.

That’s why the thugs were set on Nigel Farage when he tried to make an impact in Scotland.  Divide and Rule is their game.  Stand united or fall divided is ‘ours’.

David Bowie, oldest ever winner of a BRIT award, said in his acceptance speech –

“Thank you very very much – and Scotland, stay with us.”

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Singer David Bowie has used the Brit awards to indicate that he hopes Scotland will reject independence.

    Bowie, who had just become the oldest-ever winner of the Best British male solo artist award, ended his speech: “Scotland stay with us.”



  3. Anonymous says:

    Come on, you should know by now independence for Scotland is like everything else, deception. It is simply being formalised as a European Region:



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    What nationality is Osborne, he has a full head of black hair, so we know what religion he is.

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