Climate brainwashing of schoolchildren

Talking of brainwashing, here’s a text we received from Justin. Justin is a geography teacher. This is what he had to say.
Until two years ago I used to teach both sides of the climate change debate and invite students to discuss the issue and reach their own conclusions based on the evidence available, I have now been stopped from doing this – apparently it confuses the students. I am now only allowed to teach the “climate change is real” evidence. So therefore I have moved to teaching students WHAT to think, rather than to THINK for themselves using the evidence available.
How chilling is that? Now, I have no evidence that what Justin says is true, but it certainly has the ring of truth about it. Can anyone enlighten us? Is this really the case? Who gave the orders? I feel a little cause coming on….
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2 Responses to “Climate brainwashing of schoolchildren”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just made the exact same comment on Aangirfan on Briar MacLean

    Don’t think for yourself. Obey authority – anti-Christ authority.

    I have long ago adopted a philosophy not to do what I am told but to do but to do what I know to be right and it works extremely well, though I often risk inviting legal action by said misplaced authority.


  2. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, Once The “BRAIN DEAD” start ordering people to believe in their PHILOSOPHIES, They are best labeled as Very Dangerous Idiots.


    You can’t just Write Off 3×10^9 Tonnes of CO2, as being unimportant. Our contribution to Global CO2, is like a Piss Hole in The Snow, cf’ed to an excess of 3 Billion Tonnes, from China alone.

    DAVEY is a Tool of the Establishment, who would rather pay Private Companies Subsides to Produce Nuclear Power & Expose Everyone To Far Worse Dangers.

    Have you ever considered THE CARBON CREDIT SCAM. The emission CO2 in one part of the world, has to be paid for whilst in another there is no charge. The average Coal Fired Electric Generating Plant, emits 1,200.000 Tonnes of CO2/annum. China at present have around 2,500(+),
    and a new one comes on line every month. They do not subscribe to The Carbon Credit System, so If they thought they were in danger would they be so foolhardy?

    HAARP is being used to make you think global climate change is happening

    World Federalists DICTATORS believe that the environmental crisis facing planet earth is a global problem and therefore calls for a “global” solution — a worldwide United Nations Environmental Agency with the power to make its decisions stick. THIS IS WHAT THEY CALL DEMOCRACY!

    If you want to know about the Nuclear Power Rip Off, & Inherent Dangers Look up The Mega Links I Gave You for “HAPPY FOX”


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