Julia says – Keep your hair on.

Apple is a Specialist Science College... 

The genius bar at Apple Shops has an almost identical logo to the Specialist Science College status that is given to some secondary schools. This logo has three elliptic rings intersecting in the centre with a planet orbiting each one, all orbits in unison. The main difference is that the logos are mirror images of each other, the orbits either being at a different point in time, or going the opposite way. I have no idea what this relationship is about. Unless it is a sign that Apple are increasingly controlling schools.

Masonic Lodge in Bath...

This has a postcode ending in JU. Which is Jew. Interesting coincidence. The building was originally the Theatre Royal, then became a Catholic Chapel, before turning into a Masonic Lodge. Quite a cocktail of energy in its history. Bishop Baines (same name as the current council, by coincidence) delivered his "fiery" sermons here. It contains possibly the "finest collection of rare Masonic artefacts in the world". Wonder what that includes, I am not as yet tempted to go in. "Exiled French nobility were buried here" (doesn't say if they were alive at the time).

Sphinxes in Bath... 

Not sure how I missed this before! A pair of Sphinxes, looking at each other. "This sphinx gateway guards the portal of the Royal Avenue". Portal? What's going on? They are in Victoria Park, not far from the triangle obelisk of Queen Victoria, and not far from the large stone Urn which has 4 Cleopatra snakes adorning it. I can't help noticing that the Sphinxes in London are at the base of Cleopatra's Needle on Victoria Embankment. So is there a link between Cleopatra, Victoria and Sphinxes? It's a repeating pattern.


The wires and metal attachments on the side and tops of church spires and obelisks is supposedly to catch lightning and stop it causing damage. Surely one wire would be enough to provide an electrical earth? The interesting bit is that this is an admission that these tall thin buildings are MORE LIKELY to attract the lightning! They are energy attractors, deliberately designed to be so. To attract it, concentrate it, channel it into the sacred space below. Even when there are no storms around, there is still electromagnetic energy in the air.

TAP - I took the misspell as deliberate - lightening the available free energy load, and making the air sterile.

Hair power... 

The N. American Indians were used by the US Army for their psychic powers. The US Army cut their hair off so that they looked right, looked like soldiers are supposed to look. The psychic power was then lost or diminished! There are many stories and legends about the cutting off of hair. Convicts and slaves have their heads shaved. Also interesting how we are encouraged to put chemicals in our hair on a daily basis. And how we are encouraged to wear plastic helmets for many activities such as cycling.

TAP -  Many male tennis players refuse to shave until their contest is over.  They seem to realize that shaving disturbs their energy flow.  If they're on a winning streak, they feel as if shaving will break it. 

Jungle Consciousness... 

The UK Army train soldiers in the Special Services in how to boost their intuition (psychic power). It's called Jungle Consciousness. So they know! We can all do this, we have had our psychic skills dumbed down, so that we can be manipulated easily. One part of their training tells them not to look the enemy in the eye, even if you are hiding and they can't see you. Because then you make a psychic connection, and then they KNOW you are there. 

Monroe Institute... 

This is an organisation in Virginia, dedicated to exploring human consciousness. It is CIA funded. They do research on Remote Viewing, amongst other things. We really need to start catching up with these psychic powers! We all have them within us, most people barely use them because they don't believe in it, so they block their own skills! The first step is to believe its possible. The second step is to start playing around with it, practise. Gradually you get better at it. I got my favourite loaf of bread this morning using psychic power. It was there waiting for me when I turned up just before closing time, the shop assistants were surprised because that one always sells out early! 

Virgin Mary... 

I am increasingly struck by the beauty of statues and pictures depicting Mary holding her baby. The peace, the calm, the serenity, the physical touch, the bond, radiant love. It's a long way removed from modern day "motherhood". And maybe it's a symbol to remind us of how things could be, if we wanted them that way. Nowadays, babies don't have arms to hold them, they have equipment. High chairs, pushchairs, car seats, cots, intercoms, dummies, bottle feeding sets, dummies, TVs, toys, educational devices. All you need to be able to do is operate the equipment. So the mother can be substituted by another person quite easily, you just get another equipment operator. I don't think it makes for happy motherhood or childhood.

Ye Olde letters... 

Kingston Buildings in Bath has an engraved street name "KINSTON BILDINZ" This is quite strange in itself, and slightly Jewish looking I would say, and also reminds me of the word Bilderberg. Even more strange is that the first N and third N are not actually an N. I can't even type what it is. It's a mirrored N, with the last bit curling down to form a J, so it looks a bit like a V and J joined together. In both cases this strange letter replaces "NG". I have never seen a J letter used as a G sound before, only the other way round. Interesting that the Seventh Day Adventist Church is at the other end of the street. And the street runs alongside the Abbey.  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So what your’e saying re: hair power, is that us baldies havent the same strength on the astral plane as those with hair? 🙂

    Kin ‘ell, heard it all now. Mind you my own research of warfare has led me to beleive that since time in memorial, warriors shaved their heads prior to battle as long hair (for those fortunate to have it lol) was a definite disadvantage and no ammount of astral power stopped them from having their heads held by their hair and their throats slit.

    Long flowing locks look good in Hollywoods interpretation of battle, but in reality were a good way to get killed.

    Nice myth though, bit like the new versions of WW2 history being written for our school kids.

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