Queen Worship Day Coming Up

Julia's Daily Ramble...

Olympic Torch...
All schools allowed time off to go and look at this little gas powered flame! What is the effect of so many people all focussing on the Olympic energy all at once? It is another one of those things when the government decides when you have your time off or business closure, and the government decides what you do with your time off! Same as the Royal Wedding. Same as the Queen Worship day, coming up. 

Assessment, assessment...
In my new role as school governor, I am noticing that most of the paperwork is about assessment. They even have to assess the teachers to see how well they assess the pupils. Part of me is really looking forward to being with a load of kids again. The other part f me is wondering if I can survive 4 years of beurocracy! Hopefully the system will crumble soon, and we will be left with just the kids and teachers! 

Who Built the Moon?...
I am finally ready to look at what others say about the moon and see if I have independently reached similar conclusions. I found a book on Amazon called Who Built The Moon? First two pages say that the Moon is exactly 1/400th the size of the Sun and exactly 1/400th of the distance away! Hence it's exact fit with the Sun, but only from the point of view of those on Earth. 400 is a nice round decimal number too, square of 20, Illuminati at work. The book also says how odd it is that the Moon seems to copy the Sun! Bingo! But if I ever want to remind myself of why I believe the Moon is fake, the key point for me is that it drains blood out of women for nearly 40 years of their lives. 

North East...
It seems that grand temples such as Stonehenge would have their grandest entrance to the North East. Jerusalem has the Via Dolorosa to the North East. Bath has Great Pulteney Street to the North East, though not quite precisely so, in fact about a third of the way from East to North. And why oh why did we get named Bath and North East Somerset? (BANES for short!) Another one of those consult the public jobs when everybody was completely surprised by the outcome. The North East is significant. Is it the Rising Sun at a certain time of year? Or the Rising SuperMoon? In Bath this entrance is half a mile long, and now has the new glass extension on the back of the Holborne Museum to continue the alignment, only opened a year ago. The Mall in London looks like it heads roughly the same direction away from Buckingham Palace, slightly East of North East. The Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem enters via the Lions Gate which is to the North of the East side. This is all too big a coincidence. 

Peter Blake again...
Just found out he was involved in fundraising for the Holborne extension. And guess who was the celeb who reopened the Museum? Peter Blake! He is the Sergeant Pepper Artist, Member of the Brotherhood of Ruralists.

Seven female ancestors...
According to someone I spoke to today who has had their DNA analysed, all Europeans can be traced back to just seven women! How many men I wonder, and are they from off planet? When thinking about Doppelgangers recently, it struck me that if you go back far enough, the Source must be the same in order to produce Doppelgangers. So at some level, we are all interbred.

Lack of Sun...
I think my plants are suffering from lack of sun, possibly too much cold too. I notice that certain plants are doing very well though, and the countryside looks very lush. Maybe our more native species will be the ones to survive, and it is the imported ones that need loads of human care that won't. Are we being driven back towards foraging and hedgerow food? I shall carry on with my policy of growing plants that thrive, and not bothering with ones that don't. Nettles are very nutritious. 

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2 Responses to “Queen Worship Day Coming Up”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Here’s one to think about:

    If light is supposedly the fastest thing in the known universe, how come when it’s finished travelling, darkness is already there waiting ahead of it?

    Another chicken and the egg conundrum.

  2. Tapestry says:

    The idea that light was the fastest thing in the universe has been debunked, I believe. Einstein was light years behind Tesla, but Tesla was dangerous to the interests of big business, and his research was suppressed.

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