CISPA. Internet Privacy Gone. Your Emails Available To All.

Internet freedom under attack. Your ISP to be entitled to read all your mails and other traffic. If he suspects you might at some time become involved in ‘terrorism’, which is defined as acting against the interests of the state, he can close you down. Oh well….there goes most interesting blogs. We’ll only be permitted to read propaganda from The White House, or 10 Downing Street. All free thought will be abolished. Your blogs will go, but so too will your email. Anyone with a brain will be cut off. Zheng Yong has been warning me of this awhile. Anonymous just did so in a comment. I wonder if it’s Zheng sending us this video….

No. It wasn’t Zheng. This is he –



Please put this, along with the CISPA post, in the top ten this month etc etc.


Thank You.

P.S. I did not send the video that is in your CISPA. Internet Privacy Gone. Your Emails Available To All Post. It was someone else.

TAP – I wish I could control the Top Ten This Week. It’s all sorted out by Googleto stop new stories getting in as quickly as they should, making the blog less interesting. I regret.

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